You Can Now Stop Netflix From Autoplaying Trailers While You’re Scrolling


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In what can only be described because of the greatest announcement of our lifetimes, Netflix has just announced that it’s now possible to stop its service from autoplaying trailers while you’re just trying to mind your own business and scroll through its seemingly endless library of films. They’ve even pointed us towards a helpful page on their site, with step-by-step instructions to form the intolerable pain stop.

Here, have a look:

Honestly, ever since Netflix introduced the “autoplay trailer” function I even have found myself sticking more and more to Amazon Prime, which doesn’t have an “autoplay trailer” function and must, therefore – no matter what original programming could be on offer – be considered better than Netflix. the very fact that we now have the facility to regulate this unspeakable horror via our Netflix dashboards immediately throws Amazon and Netflix back to the Streaming Giant Thunderdome, where they’re going to be forced to battle for supremacy until there’s just one streaming network left standing. Here’s hoping Quibi doesn’t achieve an upset.

Anyway, not much to feature here, just spreading the great word. Do with it what you’ll.

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