The First Trailer For Stranger Things 4 Has Been Released


The first trailer for ‘Stranger Things 4’ has just dropped

So, this confirms the speculation surrounding Jim Hopper. it’s like he’s alive and is that the ‘prisoner’ is mentioned at the top of the last season.

Fans can’t quite contain their excitement, with one announcing: “HOPPER IS ALIVE,” while another said: “DID YOU GUYS JUST DROP THIS ON US LIKE THAT”.

Someone else wrote: “HOPPER IS ALIVE, I TOLD YOU ALL,” and one fan commented: “OOOOOOMMMGGGG! HOOOPPER COME BACK!!!!”

To cut an extended story short, people are writing during a lot of capital letters.

Probably best to prevent reading now if this is often an excessive amount of excitement for at some point but… it’s as if Robin Buckley is here to remain after she became one among the standout characters from the third season.

The Stranger Things writers were asked on Twitter what their favorite Robin Buckley line was and that they responded by saying: “Also a season 4 line so you are going to possess to attend to urge that answer.”

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