Sex Education is voted the best teen series on Netflix, surpassing Elite and Sabrina


The second season of Sex Education arrived on Netflix showing that it remains nearly as good as its first year.

With the absolute success of the public, the series is additionally consolidating itself within the world critics. consistent with Rotten Tomatoes, the location that compiles the most important reviews within the world, Sex Education has a fantastic 97% approval. Its first season had an approval of 91%, thus, the series is with a mean of 94%.

Sex Education’s Emma Mackey does not want to be compared to Margot Robbie
This value surpasses all Netflix’s teen series, that is, aimed toward teen audiences. Sabrina’s Gloomy World, which also recently arrived with its new season, appears with 92% approval ratings. Elite has 85% and therefore the controversial 13 Reasons Why, after an honest first season, features a terrible 38% approval.

The third season of Sex Education has already been confirmed and will debut only in 2021 within the Netflix catalog.

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