Sex Education actor slept on the couch of friends before the Netflix series


Ncuti Gatwa, 27, revealed that things weren’t going so well while he was homeless and juggling to survive

Following the dramatic discoveries of adolescence, Sex Education won over many, many fans, becoming one among Netflix’s most-watched series in 2019.

However, Rwandan-Scottish star Ncuti Gatwa was homeless before taking over the role of Eric, an openly gay boy who is bullied at college and feels out of place within the village where he lives.

Recently, the 27-year-old actor vented about what life was like before Sex Education, revealing that things weren’t going alright while he juggled to survive, trying to reconcile acting and paid work.

“You need to eat, you’ve got to figure, rent, bills, travel, auditions … I could not handle all of this financially. I should have moved to a replacement place, but it didn’t work. So for five months before Sex Education, I used to be sleeping on my friends’ couch. I did not have a home. “

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