Rio Justice orders Netflix to require special back door air


The decision is formed by Judge Benedicto Abicair, of the 6th Civil Chamber of the TJ-RJ
He answered at the request of the Don Bosco Center of religion and Culture Association, a conservative Catholic entity
Abigail justified the measure “to calm the spirits” of “mostly Christian” society
In the decision, he also criticizes the reaction of the comedians to the repercussion of the special
Abigail says the MP was in favor of the choice and speaks of “abuse of the proper to freedom of expression”
Backdoor said it had been not notified, and Netflix has not yet commented
The TJ-RJ (Court of Justice of Rio de Janeiro) ruled on Tuesday (7) that the streaming platform Netflix takes down the Christmas special of the group Porta dos Fundo, entitled the primary Temptation of Christ. The show, which opened in December, sparked controversy by satirizing Bible stories, portraying Jesus as a shirt lifter and a love triangle between Joseph, Mary, and God.

The preliminary (interim) decision determining the censorship of the film was granted by Judge Benedicto Abicair of the Sixth Civil Chamber of the TJ-RJ, at the request of the Centro Don Bosco Association of religion and Culture – a conservative Catholic entity.

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