One Piece – The First Season of Series Produced by Netflix Will Have 10 Episodes


Hoje (29/01), Eiichiro Oda confirmed through a message that a One-Piece Live-Action series is going to be 10 episodes at its first season. A produção da série is occurring since 2017 by Netflix. Trust Mensagem:

Ainda has no information about the discharge date or the cast. Or the project is going to be from Tomorrow Studios, an equivalent study that’s taking care of the live-action cowboy Bebop vindouro. Or roteiro is going to be Steven Maeda, condemned by Arquivo X e Lost. Maeda also will be a showrunner and executive producer, next to Matt Owens (Luke Cage, Agents of SHIELD). Oda, or breeder, is additionally involved in the production of the project. [Fonte: Omelete].

UPDATE: Translated letter

Or what acharam gives news? Anxious stripping series !? Deixem six comments!

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