Netflix shows gay kiss among children in children’s cartoon of free classification


The use of children’s drawings and films to market the LGBT ideological agenda has become increasingly common. during this scenario, companies just like the streaming giant Netflix play a worrying role, like showing a gay kiss among children in free-rated content.

The scene is shown within the drawing “The 3 Down Below: Tales from Arcadia”, which depicts the flight of two alien princes to Earth. As is to be expected, the seemingly innocent production shows no signs that it’s a vehicle for promoting the LGBT cause, until the gay kiss appears.

In the context of the scene, two children are desperate for the fear of dying without ever having kissed someone, so that they kiss. What seems comical, however, carries a message that goes against the values of the many families, especially Christian ones, which is that of liberalism and homosexuality.

“I was watching a cartoon with my 4-year-old son on Netflix, classified as free, and there was a kiss on the lips between two girls. (They) think the planet goes to finish and that they plan to kiss before that happens ”, explained a mother to Pleno News.

The mother, who didn’t have her name revealed by the editorial, acknowledged that children don’t have enough discernment to differentiate certain behaviors since they’re still within the process of formation.

“I thought it had been inappropriate because it’s classified as free. I understand that it’s how to influence behavior. The child’s mind, almost like the body, is information, ”she said, outraged by the scene that appears in episode 7 of the second season.

“My son is 4 years old. he’s not sufficiently old to know this subject. We are Christians and pass our values on to our youngsters. He doesn’t have the maturity to observe this sort of scene ”, criticized the mother.

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