Netflix Australia Has Deleted All Eight Harry Potter Movies


You know when you’re hungover or it’s raining outside and you only want to twist abreast of the couch and binge on every Harry Potter movie there is?

It’s a clear feeling because when you’ve nothing to try to and a headache to appease, what better thanks to spending some time than enjoys the ups and downs of The Boy Who Lived?

Well, if you’re in Australia then you’ll ditch that dream.

Netflix Australia and New Zealand have made the heartbreaking revelation that each one of the most Harry Potter films is deleted from their network.

The news was announced during a tweet, where the streaming service wrote: “I solemnly swear that I’m pitying not letting you recognize that Harry Potter was leaving @NetflixANZ.

“Licensing fantastic movies may be a beast and that we wish we could keep all of them. (Especially Azkaban, the simplest one, don’t @ me).”

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