Mighty Morphin Power Rangers Star Wants Original Cast Reunion for Netflix Limited Series


David Yost will always be considered one among if not the best Blue Ranger within the Power Rangers franchise, and you’ll same an equivalent of the remainder of the first Mighty Morphin Power Rangers cast. The show’s initial seasons are still far and away from the foremost popular, and fans love hearing from and seeing the first cast once they can. That’s why rumors about an ingenious cast reunion series have stayed active over the years, though nothing went on regarding it thus far. Original Blue Ranger actor David Yost recently spoke to Zia Comics a few sorts of things, including the likelihood of an ingenious group series on Netflix.

“(Laughs), I mean it’s definitely a rumor, and it’s probably a rumor on my end, but you recognize I just think it might be great because we’re creeping abreast of our 30-year anniversary of the first cast and for years we’ve been asked to try to do a reunion and nothing’s happened,” Yost said. “They didn’t cash in of it at the 25-year reunion, which I do not know why they didn’t, but, it might be nice to film quite a limited series.”

The format would be a little number of episodes just catching up with the characters now in smaller individual stories within the middle and therefore, therefore, the group coming together within the beginning and the end.

“Maybe 7 episodes or 8 episodes for Netflix and, you know, kind of spend time with each character and see who those characters are and to possess like 2 episodes where the primary episode and therefore the last episode kind of involves everybody together but the in-between episodes can kind of dive off into each character and see where they’re at and what they’re up to,” Yost said.

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