Lee Kwang Soo to rejoin cast of Netflix original K-variety series (Busted) season 3


According to media outlet reports on January 17, actor Lee Kwang Soo is going to be rejoining the cast of ‘Netflix’ original K-variety series ‘Busted’ for season 3!

Busted may be a mystery variety series involving a gaggle of personal detectives, who structure for his or her lack of real mystery-solving-skills with their passion and enthusiasm. Lee Kwang Soo, who was a neighborhood of ‘Busted’ season 1, didn’t participate in season 2 which aired back in November of 2019. However, it seems that Lee Kwang Soo’s character is going to be making a comeback for season 3, currently busy in its casting stages before filming kicks off later this year.

Are you looking forward to ‘Busted’ season 3 with Lee Kwang Soo?

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