It Looks Like Most Pinoys Are Watching Park Seo Joon Dramas On Netflix Right Now


Now that a number of us have longer on our hands to only ~chill~, one activity that seems to be shared by most Pinoys is this: binge-watching on Netflix—specifically K-dramas. Whether you are a seasoned Hallyu fan or have recently jumped on the drama bandwagon, Netflix has become a go-to source to stream old and new drama faves. one among the streaming platform’s newest features on the app is their Top 10 most-watched list within the Philippines. Since the roundup of shows and films is predicated on popularity, we will deduce some interesting facts about our viewing habits. And with the discharge of their recent Top 10 over the weekend, there’s one glaring incontrovertible fact that I could not shake off while browsing the list: Pinoys are hooked into Park Seo Joon.

Out of the highest 10, there are THREE Park Seo Joon dramas on the list, namely: Itaewon Class (5), Fight For My Way (8), and what is wrong With Secretary Kim (10). that’s tons of PSJ content.

It’s little question that the 31-year-old Korean actor has catapulted to superstardom within the past few years, with back-to-back-to-back hit dramas under his belt. Seo Joon’s most up-to-date series Itaewon Class, a revenge story which spans 15 years, only bound up in March 2020 so it is sensible that viewers are finding out the hype over it. But what about the 2 other dramas, then?

Both dramas came out a couple of years ago—Fight For My Way in 2017 and what is wrong With Secretary Kim in 2018—but still secured spots within the Top 10. might sound weird, no? Well, this is not a random occurrence but is supported by Netflix’s super-cool ~algorithm~. As Cosmopolitan recently acknowledged, Netflix guesses what we’re curious about supported our activity and recommends similar titles! So, if you latterly verified Itaewon Class, then we will assume that Netflix sent you a recommendation to observe either Fight For My Way or what is wrong With Secretary Kim or both! It’s a handy thanks to getting sucked into the region that’s K-Dramaland, TBH.

If you’re wondering what other titles are on the present Top 10 list, here you go: Prison Break (1), For The Broken Hearted (2), Hi Bye, Mama! (3), forced landing On You (4), Itaewon Class (5), Money Heist (6), The King: Eternal Monarch (7), Fight For My Way (8), Too Hot To Handle (9), and what is wrong With Secretary Kim (10).

Happy viewing, y’all!

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