Trailer ‘In the Heights’ Movie Is a Vibrant Colorful and Music-Filled Celebration of Latinos


some trailers premiere to abundant fanfare at Comic-Con. Others simply show abreast of the web.
but for the team behind Jon M. Chu’s extremely anticipated adaptation of Lin-Manuel Miranda and Quiara Alegría Hudes’ musical within the Heights, it had been necessary to start the party within the neighborhood that impressed them. At 809 eating house on Washington Height’s Dyckman Street, the second floor had been born-again into associate degree immersive party, complete with a pop-up store, a piragua seller, a bar equipped coquito and drink, waiters United Nations agency carried around plates of sancocho, ceviche, and empanadas, speakers blasting reggaetón from the 2000s — may be a nod to the time once the initial Broadway production took the stage — and flowers equipped by one in every of the solid member’s relatives.

Many of the solid members available for the event aforesaid it had been a family affair. Chu aforesaid for him, the sentiment was quite literal, as his second kid was born throughout the assembly. Miranda noted that he started writing the musical “six blocks away, wherever my folks live.” once a short introduction by Miranda and Chu, the long-awaited trailer vie, building on variety of the scenes in short shown within the teaser, as well as tons longer with Anthony Ramos’ flip as Usnavi, the role Miranda originated on Broadway. Don’t worry, Miranda’s within the picture show as a piragua seller.

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