I Am Not Okay With This is the most watched series on Netflix today


Although the list isn’t yet fully showed subscribers, we will have already got this data on

once we click on the title, it’s informed where it’s within the list of most-watched. Blind Marriage is third, for instance. Locke & Key, which debuted a couple of weeks ago, appears in ninth place.

And first, as are often seen within the image below, is I’m Not Okay With This, a series that promises
to be one of the good original hits of the platform within the coming years.

Today’s top 1 in Brazil

within the series, young Sydney Novak (Sophia Lillis, from It: The Thing) is described because of the classic misfit teenager in today’s film and tv. She is poor, lives in conflict together with her mother, her
father killed himself, she thinks she is weird and on top of that her ally Dina (Sofia Bryant)
got a bully boyfriend and forgot her.

I’m Not Okay with this is often yet to be renewed for season two.

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