Halloween TV Show Reportedly In The Works, Could Be On Netflix


How does one breathe new life into a horror franchise that’s had a touch of a difficult time in recent years? Easy: you produce a sequel that honors the first but also wipes out all other movies within the Halloween timeline.

That’s basically what David Gordon Green and co-writer Danny McBride did with their 2018 effort, which won over both fans and critics after it took the long-lasting legacy of Michael Myers during a refreshing new direction. it had been a difficult balancing act that they were tasked with, but they clearly pulled it off and now, the franchise’s future is brighter than ever.

So bright that it’s set to expand into television. That’s right, sources on the brink of WGTC – an equivalent ones who told us Ace Ventura 3 is in early development and Warner Bros. is functioning on a Swamp Thing movie, both of which have since been confirmed (the former by the studio themselves and therefore the latter by Bloody Disgusting), say that a Halloween TV series is starting to close.

Of course, this shouldn’t come as an excessive amount of a surprise, as producer Malek Akkad said a short time back that it had been something they were looking into doing which he wanted to ascertain it happen.

“You know, it’s something that we’ve had for an extended time and that I want to ascertain it done, once we started doing it… this was in development a few decades ago. At the time, I feel the thought was we don’t want to cannibalize the theatrical. Let’s keep it as a theatrical event movie. If that starts flowing down, we might address TV. Nowadays, we all know, TV is coitus interruptus before theatrical during a way that surprised everybody, certainly me.”

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