Emilio Estevez Will Return as Coach Bombay in The Mighty Ducks Disney+ Series


The original Mighty Ducks film star Emilio Estevez is going to be returning during a lead role for Disney’s sequel series for Disney+. consistent with a replacement report from The Illuminerdi, Estevez is going to be reprising the role of Coach Gordon Bombay for all ten episodes of the half-hour series, linking the new show to the first movie trilogy. Better yet, Estevez is going to be one among the series leads, meaning he’s getting to play a prominent role within the story and won’t be delegated to sparse cameos throughout the season. Mighty Ducks fans, it’s now safe to start out getting excited!

The Mighty Ducks Disney+ TV Series will follow a 13-year-old boy and his mother looking to start their team after he begins the local Mighty Ducks junior division. They’re tasked with trying to find players and an area to play, and that they even have the challenge of finding a replacement coach. Of course, given today’s news of Emilio Estevez being involved, it now seems apparent that Gordon Bombay is going to be that coach, stepping copy to teach a young team of Mighty Ducks once more after having a successful go at it within the 1990s.

Casting information has yet to be confirmed for the opposite cast members, but some brief character descriptions give us some hints about the younger characters who’ll be appearing on The Mighty Ducks series. This includes Nick, a shy kid who always plays video games; Nick, who likes to pretend he has his imaginary TV show; Mary, described because the popular girl both on the team and at school; and Lauren, a social outcast who “likes to wear wings and a cape at college and pretend she’s a fairy magician.” So far, it seems like we have got the right set of young adults to make the new Mighty Ducks.

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