Biggest Win of the Season: Eagles Beat Cowboys 17/9


That sound you heard on the Cowboys’ final drive was the sound of 70,000 Eagles fans at the Linc holding their breath.

An Eagles team that’s blown numerous leads this year and squandered numerous opportunities didn’t let it happen again

It wasn’t easy, and as always the Eagles made it harder on themselves than it had to be, but when the dust settled the Eagles had themselves a dramatic 17-9 convert the Cowboys.

A loss would have given the Cowboys their second straight NFC East title and eliminated the Eagles from playoff contention. Now the Eagles win the division with a win Sunday against the Giants.

It’s now safe to breathe again.

1- It was perfect that Sidney Jones made the play that clinched the Eagles’ biggest win of the year. a man who’s been benched, who’s been vilified, a man who was only within the game due to injuries. That’s quite become the personality of this team. Guys off the practice squad, guys cut by other teams, guys who weren’t playing earlier within the year. The Eagles beat the Cowboys Sunday for tons of reasons, but the most important one is that these young guys are hungry, they injected some life into a moribund roster, they never stopped working once they weren’t playing, they never hung their heads, and once they got their opportunities — whether it had been Greg Ward or Boston Scott or Josh Sweat or Jones thereon final play or Robert Davis or take your pick, that’s why they won. Because the Eagles never stopped being a team. They never stopped believing in their coach. and that they never stopped playing hard. This was a fantastic win by a fantastic cast, and every one the Eagles need to do now’s find how to try to to it again next week.

2- If this was a defining game for Carson Wentz, you’ve needed to love the way he defined himself. Throwing to an assortment of rookies, practice squad call-ups and unknowns, he had the sport of his life — 31-for-40 for 319 yards, a TD and an interception. His key receivers were a backup end, a rookie back who had 28 career receptions in college and a receiver who was on the practice squad last year, and that they combined for 18 catches for 239 yards and a TD. Wentz is playing also as he ever has. If you don’t believe him now? you’ll also not even be an Eagles fan anymore.

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