Clint Eastwood Breaks Silence On ‘Richard Jewell’ Accusations


In a letter sent weekday by a high-powered house to Warner Bros. and Clint Eastwood, the Atlanta Journal-Constitution defendant the studio and filmmakers behind the enduring director’s traditionally primarily based film “Richard Jewell” of “false and malicious” portrayals of the paper and its reporters, notably a feminine journalist whose reportage helped flip a real-life hero into a public villain. In Associate in Nursing interview with The Associated Press, Eastwood was asked to deal with the contention and responded by information to the paper’s apparent motivation for launching the attack on him and also the studio.

“Richard Jewell,” that is generating Oscars buzz, tells the traditionally primarily based story of a watcher UN agency discovered a bomb in Atlanta’s Centennial Olympic Park throughout the 1996 Summer athletic contest and worked to urge others afar from the world. tho’ his heroic actions saved lives, he went from hero to villain when the media, as well as AJC’s late-Kathy Scruggs, according that he had become the FBI’s prime suspect.

The film’s portrayal of Scruggs (played by Olivia Wilde) and also the paper normally, AJC alleges, amounts to defamation. The paper points to 1 scene as notably egregious: the suggestion that Scruggs offers sex to Associate in Nursing government agent for info on Jewell. “The AJC’s newsperson is reduced to a sex-trading object within the film,” reads the letter, sent by Martin Singer’s LA-based house Lavely & Singer. “Such a portrayal makes it seem that the AJC sexually exploited its employees and/or that it expedited or condoned giving sexual gratification to sources in exchange for stories.”

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