Box Office ‘Black Christmas’ Remake Melts With $4.42M Opening

Imogen Poots as Riley in “Black Christmas,” co-written and directed by Sophia Takal.

Universal footage and Blumhouse’s Black Christmas re-remake didn’t bring any vacation cheer to moviegoers, landing a D+ CinemaScore associated gap to a calculable $4.42M at the box workplace. It additionally additional $3.1M overseas for a world gap of $7.52M.

The film’s budget was reportedly a mere $5M, which implies it won’t take a lot of to induce out of the red and into the black. With Universal’s robust international distribution arm, the film may eventually hit.

No matter, this can be an enormous disappointment for a movie that opened unopposed and through the vacation season. CinemaScore suggests that the holiday-themed slasher didn’t bring a lot of joy to audiences and word of mouth can deliver coal underneath the studios’ Christmas trees.

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