A Netflix Show Featuring a Gay Jesus Has Outraged 1.5 Million Christians


Christians square measure incensed once more, and now, it’s not as a result of their Starbucks cups aren’t Jesus-y enough. It’s due to a Netflix comedy special that depicts Hebrew in an exceedingly same-sex relationship.

At the time of writing, about 1.5 million folks have signed a petition in Portuguese line for the streaming video big to get rid of the primary Temptation of Christ from the network as a result of it’s “seriously pained Christians” by raising the likelihood that Hebrew is gay.

Specifically, it shows a Hebrew UN agency is popping thirty and “brings a surprise guest to fulfill the family,” in line with the Netflix description.

Critics have criticized the “politically incorrect” concept Hebrew had a special friend named “Orlando,” line the show “trash” and speech it’s “extremely offensive to the values, principles and Christian religion.”

That makes Maine need to observe it even a lot of.
In any case, snowflakes across Brazil began melting at the thought of a gay Hebrew, as well as the son of the president.

“The initial Temptation of Christ” by Brazilian comedy cluster opening dos Fundos began streaming on December three, drawing criticism from conservative politicians, Evangelicals, and Catholics.

“We support freedom of expression, however, is its value assaultive the idea of eighty-six % of the population,” tweeted Eduardo Bolsonaro, the eldest son of Brazil’s president and a member of Congress.

He doesn’t get however wittiness works. And he’s not the sole one.

Henrique Soares DA Costa, a bishop within the northeastern state of the urban center, same on Facebook he had of his Netflix subscription over the film, describing it as “blasphemous, vulgar and disrespectful.”

There’s no shortage of content on Netflix, and a few of it’s certain to offend bound teams. however the concept that a deliberate piece of comedy that doesn’t purport to be a factual retelling of the Christian story is frustrating numerous folks suggests that it’s pressing the correct buttons. Ultimately, it doesn’t matter if the Hebrew of the Bible was gay or straight, as a result of he didn’t exist. thus we tend to might yet be a dispute concerning whether or not Pikachu is left-handed.

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